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  • Duane Buytaert

    I am unable to add a channel. When I click "Save Changes" I get the following error: 1dbc231e-d168-40eb-bf91-97df5c78d4f7

  • Rick Anderson

    The CivicMedia section doesn't have an overview page like the rest of the help topics. Would be nice to have a starting point that explains what it is.

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Hello, Rick Anderson. I'm so sorry for the delay in acknowledging and responding to your comment.

    I was able to locate this CivicMedia Overview article on the backend of our system. The article has been updated to reflect the current state of CivicMedia and published once more. At this time, we no longer CivicMedia and CivicMedia articles only apply to customers that already possess CivicMedia. CivicPlus Media is our currently offered media solution.


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