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  • Jenny Larkin

    Where can I find out how the "Display Name" feature works? I would like to add information about this feature to the Document Center header because the public sometimes has trouble finding the latest documents and it's not intuitive. I discovered that the view changes to show the most recent documents if I click on "Display Name" two or three times. Is there a way to make the default view show the latest documents by date? Thank you!! 

  • Jamie Shannon

    Jenny, the Display Name of the document should open the most recent version of the document. I tested on several sites and did not experience any issue where the previous version was pulled up. I am wondering if they may be some other issue with lag in updating, caching or if it is something else that when you are clicking on Display Name header it finally updates and refreshes.

    If this is a common occurrence you or site visitors experience or is continuing to happen, please reach out to Support to have this looked in to further.

    Thank you. 


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