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Form Center Overview

Feedback About the Article

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  • Peter Yezukevich

    This seems to just end at step 2. Why not a link to the continuing instructions for creating a form?

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Hello Peter Yezukevich! Thank you very much for the feedback. I've updated this article with a Resources section of links to other articles in the Form Center section of this Help Center.

  • Jerred Reed

    This Disclaimer section indicates that the forms aren't suitable for sensitive data because it's "transmitted via email for administrator notification" - is that simply because it's email, or because the form is also sent to the administrator?

    Also, in this case, does "administrator" mean the client's admin(s) (e.g. a government IT department's webmaster) or are the emails actually sent outside of the organization to CivicPlus?

  • Raphael Avraham Sternberg

    this is great

  • Jamie Shannon

    Jerred Reed

    The Form Center without Encrypted Forms is not suitable for sensitive data due to the level of security required for transmission and storage of PII. The submissions information is sent via email which is also a concern for sensitive data.

    Administrator refers to whomever is added in the Submit To Field on the form for notification.


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