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Modify Info Advanced Categories

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  • Rick Anderson

    Hi, can we get a clarification about the permissions here? The Permissions descriptions sound more like they apply to the Pages module, not Info Advanced. We're not sure how to make sense of "move existing pages, set feature column" when it comes to permissions for the Info Advanced module. There are references to pages, but the Info Advanced modules doesn't create pages. 

    • Permissions: Set permissions
      • View (V): Users can look at the page(s)
      • Author (A): Can edit and create pages, and create new items; work must be approved by a higher-level user
      • Publisher (P): Can edit and create pages, has publishing and unpublishing rights, can approve work from authors
      • Owner (O): Has the right to create new pages, move existing pages, set feature columns on pages, modify existing pages, and approve work from authors

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