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Add Anchor Links to a Page

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  • Mike Jacoby

    Hello, I'm finding this confusing to follow. The example from step 7 to step 8 don't really match (step 7 uses Upcoming Event as the name and Step 8 uses More Events as the name.
    And I think the code in step 7 isn't correct, it doesn't match the screenshot. When I did try this, although I think I figured out what the instructions were trying to show, the anchor doesn't really anchor to the correct area of the page.

  • David Streb

    The anchor attribute appears to work correctly on a phone (or with a narrow browser display on a desktop) but not on a regular browser screen. As a result, we can't really "cheat" on the location of the id or label tag to make it work accurately on the desktop because then it would be off on a mobile device. Is there a workaround for this?


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