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Feedback About the Article

Let us know what was helpful or not helpful about the article below.


  • Trisa Parker

    Great article. Can we add a reference to the ADA Checker tool in here?

  • Morgan King

    Absolutely! We have added the reference. Thank you for your feedback!

  • Michael Tjoelker

    Great overview!

    Would it be possible to have additions or a separate article on how to make posts most accessible within the Editor? (e.g. nesting headings properly using "CSS Class", adding images and making sure they have appropriate alt text, using bulleted/numbered lists, and best practices for adding links and tables?)

    This would be incredibly beneficial, especially since so many other modules make use of the editor (eg News Flash, Info Advanced, Archive Center, ...).

  • Karen Ramsey

    This needs to be updated to reflect the new Editor look/explanations please.

  • David Mancini

    This article is wrong – the image displayed looks nothing like the new Editor, because literally all of the Editor's controls have been hidden.

  • Jamie Shannon

    David, We are aware of the current behavior of the toolbar being consolidated. We are working to get that resolved. Once that is fixed, it will again look like the one in this article. Would it be helpful for us to have an article on the consolidated toolbar and where all the options are found within that? 

  • Trisa Parker

    There is an issue when copy and pasting within the editor widget.  It adds a bunch of extra code if you do not remember to paste as plain text every time.  Clean up has been a nightmare.  Can this be fixed?

  • Vicci Terveer

    Where are the spacing options when trying to type something in to the home page?


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