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Add the Slideshow Widget to a Page

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  • Janine Borja

    I think the title on this article is slightly mis-leading. I was looking for instructions on how to populate the widget and did not look in this article due to the title. Perhaps the section concerning populating the widget could be pulled out into its own article? Or the title on this article could be change to more accurately reflect the information that will be provided?

  • Rick Anderson

    It would really be helpful if the slideshow widget had the ability to replace an existing image or to re-cache images from the image repository. I had a user populate a slideshow with huge images that all needed to be scaled down. I went in to the image repository to scale them down but the slideshow didn't re-cache, was still loading massive images. And because there's no way to force it to reload the images or replace, I had to recreate the entire slideshow from scratch. 


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