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Order News Flash Items

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  • Robert Taylor

    Does this apply to items in related categories? I created a Police category to display in a widget just on the Police page. I have one main news category and add Police as a related category to any story about police so it will populate to the Police page. Then when I go to the Police category to order the items how I want them to display on the Police page, it never saves the order. Any idea why?

  • Cam Johnson

    I have the same problem.  I need to be able to choose the order of my news flash items, to occasionally "pin" one piece to the top for a while.  But try as I might, it wont save the way I arrange them.  And it shouldn't be a permissions thing in my case. 

  • Jamie Shannon

    I wanted to provide an update on this. We did have this reported to our Support team and determined there was a bug with the reordering. We will be working on this towards the end of March 2022 and hope to have the fix released shortly after that. 

    Thank you.


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