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Create a New Notify Me® Message

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  • Linda Horrocks

    In relation to my message one month ago, what is the size of the image for a Notify Me header? I am not seeing it in any help articles. See my message above -- Thank you.


  • Linda Horrocks

    In the HTML Message box, how can I create a header/graphic that lines up with my text below it? When the message sends, the text extends beyond the header, and I don't want to insert a hard return. I want a message header that would be a default with our logo, etc., and I want to be able to add text and then another graphic (advertising an event, for example). I've tried lots of different options, but can't get it to work. Thanks.

  • Jenny Larkin

    We just sent out a "notify me" but did not receive the email or the text even though we signed up. Do you know how we can check to see if it went out properly?

  • Clara Siegele

    Hi Jenny, 

    You should be able to follow these instructions to view the sent messages for a list: 

    If you are still not receiving SMS or Text Messages as expected, please Contact CivicPlus Support.



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