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Add & Manage Tabbed Widgets on a Page

Feedback About the Article

Let us know what was helpful or not helpful about the article below.


  • Jonathan Thiesse

    It would be helpful if at the end of this help article you showed an example of a completed tabbed widget with multiple tabs, so the user could know what to expect the outcome to be when the widget is used.

  • Celena Mangus

    Most of our users don't insert a calendar under a tabbed widget.  They use them for a regular page.  I agree with Jonathan, that a better example could be used with the the widget.

  • Clara Siegele

    Thank you for the feedback! We have updated the example to include more applicable widget options. 

  • Amy Baker

    How do I delete an item within the tab if I don't want to delete the entire tab. For example, up above, how would I remove - How long does a shift last?

  • Clara Siegele

    Amy Baker it will differ slightly depending on the widget you are using in the tab. The example above is using an FAQ widget in the tab so you would edit or remove that content in the FAQ module. For Content widgets (such as an Editor), you could click into the widget and make any necessary modifications directly on the page within the tab. 

  • Joy Coggins

    I am actually trying to add a calendar to my tab.  It is on my homepage trying to incorporate civicclerk information. I saw that someone else did not find it helpful. Maybe you could show calendar and other modules. 

  • Evelyn Ruiz

    How do I delete an item within the tab if I don't want to delete the entire tab. From the example below, how can I delete "May is National Bike Month? 


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