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Supported File Types for Upload

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  • Jenny Larkin

    It would be helpful to know other basic issues that might arise with Form Center attachments. We have a user who cannot upload a simple 400k (small) PDF to a Form. If it's not the type of attachment, what else could it be? Is the form browser-specific? Could it be an unsupported browser? That information might be helpful to include on this page. Thank you :)

  • Jamie Shannon

    Jenny, I recommend contacting support. Forms are not browser specific, but this could play a part if it is outdated, so that will be important information. Support will of course have a number of other questions and troubleshooting steps they will walk you through. 

    Thank you.

  • Gretchen Pearsall

    This article was extremely helpful in planning a photo contest. Thank you for having it easily available!


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