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History Log Overview

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  • Laura Morris

    Would be helpful to search and/or filter by user name instead of just by module. Please explore adding filters or search options to history log in addition to module sorting.

  • Rick Anderson

    The history log is a great example of the kind of thing that frustrates me most about the CivicPlus platform. You have these great tools, but they often lack a key feature which prevents them from being truly useful. It's like someone designed this and it looked good on paper but never used it to see what its shortcomings are.


    Today, I'm trying to track all the actions taken with a single, specific page, but there doesn't appear to be a way to search for history items related to just a specific page. So instead I'm getting 60+ pages of results, almost all of them pertaining to other pages, and having to spend time wading through a lot of unnecessary information. 


    More granularity with searching the history log would be GREATLY appreciated (or maybe that exists and I'm not seeing it? I hope.) To be blunt, as this tool currently exists, it's pretty much useless.

  • Coty Woodside

    I would like to see a search box that allowed the search of user name, item title, etc., then, the ability to click on an item and see it's individual history. 


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