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  • Jason Harwell

    Will there be any update on this information coming now that the Department of Justice has issued an updated final rule requiring local governments (of populations 50,000+) to conform to WCAG 2.1?  

  • Jamie Shannon

    Jason Harwell

    We do not have a formal update to this yet, but it will be updated soon. 

    I can point you to our Product Updates section to see that we are making a ton of progress in moving towards a higher level of compliance for the Web Central CMS in areas that most customers would not have access to update. 

    I am sure you are aware, but sharing here for everyone, that there is also work that can be done to the content on your site to help raise the overall level of compliance. I have some resources linked from the latest webinar that may help to provide direction for some teams in what to look for and how to handle certain items. 

    Thank you. 


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