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Import Users

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi there. 

    the import/export is very straight forward and as with every tool on the site - very easy to do.

    there are clearly a number of users who are either robots or simply trash.

    One important question.  I would like to "scrub" our front end users.  I haven't done this yet, and would very much like to know if the following is the way to do so.

      I have exported my front end users to a CSV file, I then used tools in Excel to Identify users I felt were invalid, out of over 1150 I was able to delete around 60-70 users.

    Can I now then IMPORT that scrubbed file right back into the system, after first deleting all of my front end users?

    scrubbing the data online is tedious, but can be done.  

  • Jamie Shannon


    Thanks for the discussion on this topic. I am sure there are others out there that may have considered something similar.

    I was able to discuss this with our engineering team as to find potential upsides and challenges with this process. We normally import lists when creating a new site or a new module category that may have front-end only users such as an intranet.

    It is not recommended that you delete your front-end users and import the new list. This would cause site visitors to receive an email to confirm their account. This could be viewed as spam. It would also require them to set up a new password and may cause confusion as to why their current password no longer works.

    It is suggested that you would delete those unwanted users directly from the CMS.


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