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  • Rick Anderson

    Thank you for the heads-up. Appreciate the preview of the new look.


    I'm seeing a "Custom Widget" on your screenshots that doesn't exist in our CMS and isn't in your list of descriptions. Is that something new? If so, how do we find out more info about it?

  • Andrew Mutch

    The link to the "Related Documents Widget" leads to a page that says "You're not authorized to access this page" even though I'm signed into the Help site. 

  • Clara Siegele

    Andrew Mutch thanks for letting us know! That link has been updated and should now work for you. 

  • Clara Siegele

    Rick Anderson that is just a test of the new widgets on our developer site, sorry for any confusion! 

  • Jessica Abrahams

    The "Related Documents Widget" and "Slideshow Widget" links don't seem to be working. It'd be great if these links could be updated. Thanks!

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Jessica Abrahams, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    I'm not seeing an error with the Related Documents Widget URL, but the Slideshow Widget URL was indeed broken. That URL has been fixed.

  • Christina Zangas

    I know how to do it in Editor but see there is a specific widget for Anchors. Is there a tutorial for the Anchor widget itself? 


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