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Schedule Publish & Unpublish Page Versions

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  • Riann (Ryan) Martinez

    It would be nice if there was a time option for scheduling as well as a date. If we want one page to immediately replace another do we schedule the current version to unpublish on the same date as the new version is scheduled to publish? 

  • Deb Markham

    To confirm, if I want to unpublish the full page at a future date, I just schedule the live version to unpublish at a future date. The live version won't automatically roll back to the previous version unless I schedule the previous version to publish simultaneously. 

  • Clara Siegele

    Deb Markham that is correct!

  • Georgina Salinas

    So we can only schedule the current page with an end date and then schedule the new version with a start date? Having the start and end fields right next to each other implies a date range. At first glance, you would think your current publish page would not need any scheduling, you would only need to put a date range for that unpublished page. When the date range expires, the original published page should then go back up. If I have to put an end date on the current published version and then a start date on the unpublished version, you now only have that second version that will forever be published? If I want to put back the original published version, I would have to manually remove the end date on that version, remove the start date on the second version, and then republish that first version in order to get that original version published again? If that is the case, that is creating a little more effort than necessary. What if you had a third version you would like to schedule? This action only appears to work on two versions.  Also, what if I put an end date to the current published version and the start date for the unpublished page isn't scheduled for a couple of days later... what page will then show? Will no page appear until that start date? 


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