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Secondary Navigation Walkthrough

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  • Pete Yezukevich

    Could this page be updated to include further instructions on "A new set of custom links: Delete the current navigational menu and create a new one"? I'd like to edit the secondary nav on one of my pages so it displays links to other related pages on my site. Thanks.

  • Missi Spiker

    Is there a consequence of creating a custom secondary navigation? Does it alter the navigation of the site? Thank you!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Could we add to this article that this is to modify or add new navigation sub pages? Unless the whole article is read, it seems as if this is only for modifying existing/moving it around. 

  • Gayle Vassar

    I need to know how to delete items on the secondary navigation

  • Jackson Wright

    Hi All -

    This article has been remodeled into an Overview page with individual articles to address each of your concerns, as well as functionalities of the Secondary Navigation. These articles will include further instructions of custom links, what happens to site navigation with custom links, and how to delete items on the secondary navigation.

    Thank you,

    Your Help Center Team


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