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Create Mobile-Responsive Images

Feedback About the Article

Let us know what was helpful or not helpful about the article below.


  • Mike Jacoby

    Hello, your note on step 11 says 'Small images will not stretch to fill this amount'. This is incorrect. They will stretch. Perhaps change the note to say they should be aware that small images will stretch and the quality of the image may decrease

  • Becca Drake

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for that feedback. We have adjusted the article to reflect your observation.

    Your Help Center Team

  • Carlos Oyola-Negron

    How would we do this for banners?

  • John Cagle

    How can we get images to stack? With both Image and Editor widgets, text will get very very narrow when next to an image on mobile viewports. Stacking side-by-side content/widgets as viewport decreases seems like it would be a default functionality.

    Playing with percentages can work great for an image without text around it, but doesn't play well between desktop and mobile with text around may want an image to only take 20% of a viewport on desktop but then it is miniscule on mobile.


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