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Image Repository Overview

Feedback About the Article

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  • Michael Tjoelker

    Can you please add an obvious disclaimer at the top of the Image Repository module that includes the following key points:

    • all items published in the Image Repository are publicly accessible to anyone, even if the image is "hidden from site search", and even if there are login requirements for accessing the rest of the site
    • images that need access control should be published to the Document Center instead

    I don't believe most organizations are aware of this (I just found out yesterday, after 5 years of working with this product), and it seems incredibly important to be mindful of.

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Hello Michael Tjoelker! I know that you've replied to a post in the EngageExchange on this topic, but I wanted to follow up here as well.

    At this time I don't have any updates, but we're discussing how to handle this with our development teams. Any updates will be posted to the EngageExchange post.

  • John Lanza

    Are "unpublished" images in the image repository searchable/viewable to anyone who happens to do a search online?


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