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Import Resource Directory

Feedback About the Article

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  • Johanna Silverthorne

    This article contains conflicting (and wrong) information. In several places you say that we need to upload a CSV file, but it actually needs to be a txt file. Rule #1 states that the uploaded file must be in CSV format, and your picture in step 4 shows the CSV file being selected. In step 5, the file is now a txt file with a different name. Having the files you show in the browser (step 4) and next to the "browse" button (step 5) be named the same and having the same (correct) file extension would be a real help here. Thanks so much! :-)

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Hello Johanna! I apologize for the delay in response. Thank you very much for pointing out the error and confusion in the images for those steps. The images for steps 4, 5, and 6 have all been updated, and the file extension note in the Format Rules has been corrected. Have a great day!

  • John Milburn

    I followed this instructions and was able successfully able to import a file, however, all my previous resources were deleted during the process.  That's probably worth mentioning

  • Nadia Miller

    We are receiving an error message when we try to import a file. It doesn’t give me a reason why. Are there any other formatting requirements we should consider that maybe causing this issue. Can the Phone number and fax number include dashes? Would it be possible to jump on a quick call to discuss? I can be reached at to schedule.


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