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View Options for Form Center Categories

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  • Lisa Putka

    Viewing pending forms

    I created a form in Form Center.  Some of the questions on the form are marked as 'REQUIRED'.

    This is tricky, when I want to view and print my form that is in 'PENDING' status so I can edit on paper, I am not allow to view the next page until I fill out the required information.  I don't have time to fill out my own form so that I can proceed to the next page.  I am viewing the form from the 'back-end' of my site, why do the restrictions kick in when it's not even published?

  • Karen Ramsey

    The top of the page for this document states View Options include:  

    • Published: View all published calendars
    • Draft: View all draft calendars
    • Submitted: View all submitted calendars
    • Declined: View all declined calendars

    This document title shows;

    View Options for Form Center Categories

    Please correct this to show directions/title for Calendars or Form Center Categories  Thank you.


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