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External iFrames Disabled

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  • Rogelio Vista

    How recent was this put in place? I have tested several external websites and placed them into an iframe and it displays accordingly. Youtube and webpages with aspx .net are filtered/refused by Civicplus. However if you use IE11 to view the external iframe webpage, it will display accordingly regardless of aspx or youtube webpage. We noticed that a section of our website that contained an external website that was iframed stopped working.    

  • Jason Espersen

    Is there a way for us to specify external resources that we trust to be included in the frame-ancestors tag in the header? We have a site that we used to embed that no longer works, and I'm getting:

    Refused to frame '(our external resource)' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'self'"

    I can't find anything in the site tools where I can add a trusted site.


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