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Delete a Tab in the Tabbed Widget

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  • Rosemary Lyons

    Jackson, thank you for your assistance with the Editor Widget. I'm glad that you added instructions on the page - it will be a help to our users.

  • Jackson Wright

    Hi Rosemary,

    No problem, I'm glad we could help!

    Your Help Center Team

  • Sandi Showalter

    You may want to consider updating the language for the pop-up box. When you have a series of tabs and the pop-up says "Do you want to delete this widget?" it makes it seem as if the whole widget with all of the tabs is going to be deleted. You might want to consider having the first pop-up say, "Do you want to delete the content of this tab?" and the second pop-up say "Do you want to delete this tab?" That way it is clear that you are dealing with only the tab you want to delete and not the entire tabbed widget.

  • Jamie Shannon

    Sandi, Thank you for your feedback. We will have our team look in to getting that changed to be more accurate.


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