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Configure Background Options in a Fancy Button

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  • Tammy Getchell

    It would be great to see examples instead of screenshots of the same screens I'm seeing. I can see that I am being prompted to enter in a number for width, but I have no idea what to enter. I would like to know what a finished button looks like with a border, different examples of fancy buttons that I can create and how to create that look (like how many pixels to obtain a certain look for the width of a border, for example).

  • Tom Pepe

    The instructions look easy in fact it's frustrating to say the lest. 

  • Jessica Miller

    I agree with the previous comments.  There is some basic information that should be provided simply as part of these tutorials.  When should we use ems or pixels?  Does one way or another make the site more or less accessible or responsive?  What are the best practices?  In order to answer these basic questions, I've been told we'd need to purchase customized training.  These are basic functions of the module and we shouldn't have to play a guessing game to get the results we want.

  • John Lanza

    Agree with these comments. Specific examples in a training video would be great!

  • Coty Woodside

    A training video would be ideal. 



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