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Facilities Walkthrough


Let us know what was helpful or not helpful about the article.


  • Jackson Wright

    Hi Janine,

    Our Overview articles and Walkthrough articles differ in purpose and content. Overview articles are generally short and just provide a brief glimpse into general uses for the module. Walkthrough articles are more comprehensive and provide a deep dive into functionality and how to navigate through a module, including all tabs and properties.

    To better help, the term "Overview" has been added to the back-end searchable tags, so if you search Facilities Overview, you will still be able to find this Facilities Walkthrough article in your search results.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team

  • Becca Drake

    Hi Kat,

    We are so glad you found this useful! I will be sure to mention this to our team so we can work to get more articles like this up.

    Thank you for the feedback,
    Your Knowledge Management Team

  • Kat Balbi

    This was very useful! I found this more informative than an "Overview". It would be great if Civic could make "walkthroughs" for all modules.

  • Janine Borja

    For consistency, can the word "Walk through" be changed to "Overview" to match the rest of the module articles?


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