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Add a Subpage to a Page's Secondary Navigation

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  • Amy Gwin

    This information does not show how to add a new subpage. It simply adds a new page. 

    Please be more informative with the proper steps.

  • Paula Chase Hyman

    As indicated by the commenter above, these directions are not correct. Not only do they  not help you make a sub  page but there are references to things like Department Header that don't even exist on the features. Adding a sub page should be about the easiest thing in the world to do for a website and yet nothing in your Help/Support area gives guidance. The fact that many of our main pages have sub pages means that at some point this was done. However, with turnover in staff, this information is sometimes lost in an organization. The lack of guidance from a Help page means that the fundamentals needed to maintain our page is weak. 


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