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Import Calendar Items

Feedback About the Article

Let us know what was helpful or not helpful about the article below.


  • John Lanza

    Note to users: If you use the downloadable CSV template to import calendar items, the 'Show in Widget' column (Column AF) default setting is set to not allow the calendar items to appear in the widget. You would need to select that checkbox manually in each calendar item. If you place a '1' in the Show in Widget Column (Column AF), those calendar items will appear in the calendar widget automatically.

    It would be nice if the 'Location' could be imported. An added bonus would be if the dropdown for location could be utilized.

  • Clara Siegele

    John Lanza thank you for the feedback! An updated template has been added to the article and a note about the "Show in Widget" column was added to the Important Notes section. 


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