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  • Rick Anderson

    Your new "helpful" chatbot sent me to this article when I asked how to get help but this button no longer exists. That's unfortunate as it was a great feature and the Chabot is NOT a great feature. Feels like a downgrade. :(


    Also, this is yet another significant user interface change to the CMS has was not communicated ahead of time. The communication with customers lately has been lacking. How do we find out about these things ahead of time? This kind of change should never be a surprise.

  • Morgan King

    Hello Rick,

    Thank you for your feedback, we greatly appreciate it. We are currently piloting these changes and are still making improvements. Can you expand a little more on what you were trying to do?


    Also, this article may have some helpful information:


    I apologize that this change came as a surprise, we will make note of this so we can strive to communicate more clearly in the future. In the meantime, I would recommend following the Technical Support section. The Follow button is located in the upper left corner below the breadcrumbs. We strive to post her as changes are made that relate to your experience with support and you will be notified as a follower. 

  • Caryn Jackson

    Option to "live chat" is no longer there. The chatbot is not helpful.


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