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Edit the Display of a Calendar

Feedback About the Article

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  • John Cagle

    I was expecting this article to touch on how to change the visual design of the Calendar (via the Option Sets). It would be great if it touched on that as well, instead of simply showing where the Option Set dropdown menu is located.

  • Jason Espersen

    I have our widget set to display 6 items, but since there's only 3 more meetings left this month, it only shows 3. Once that last meeting is over it will be blank until the 1st of the next month, where it will show up to 6 from that month only. Why doesn't it just show the next 6 meetings, regardless of what month they're in?

  • Erin Mynatt

    We too have a concern about not being able to display events for the next month. Is this something that can be looked into? Like allow "Featured Events" to show regardless on the calendar itself at least - even if not listed out. 


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