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  • Michael Tjoelker

    Unable to find "Community Center" and "Feature Requests" after going to this link anymroe: 

  • Joshua Compton

    Hello Michael Tjoelker!

    We've updated and improved our CivicEngage community by launching the ENGAGEXCHANGE. We've also redirected our feature request section to live under the topic 'Submit Product Ideas.' Our hope is that by aggregating the requests together we can improve the visibility of submitted ideas to the community in order to generate more discussion and opportunities to vote on the best ideas.

  • Michael Tjoelker

    Thank you for the update. Is this article going to be updated with this new information?

    Also, I'm not seeing the vast majority of feature requests under the "Submit Product Ideas" section. I recall there being quite a few others that had a lot of votes and comments. For example, a request for Form Center submissions to include attachments in submission e-mails, and a request for Form Center exports to include attachments. Those are just a couple from the top of my head that I'm not seeing.

    What happened to all of those, and is there a link we can use to review them? 


  • Joshua Compton

    Hey Michael Tjoelker,

    You bet! We've updated this article to reflect the new process.

    For previous product idea submissions, we transferred over the last 90 days of ideas. For the others, we plan to review those that didn't have a response and/or any active discussion and determine if they are good candidates to bring over. For any items that the product team responded to, we will not migrate those into the ENGAGEXCHANGE.

    Thank you!


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