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Run a Broken Link Report

Feedback About the Article

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  • Riann (Ryan) Martinez

    Can't get the CSV report to run following the directions provided in this help module. Would be a much more useful tool if it did work. 

  • Hailey McClellan

    Hi Riann,

    Thank you for your comment. Since this is a 3rd party we don't have access to support it, however upon some initial digging it looks like to export a CSV file you would have to pay for that functionality on the 3rd party itself. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused. 

    Thank you,
    your HelpCenter Team 

  • Riann (Ryan) Martinez

    Thank you for updating this help module by removing the steps to run the CSV report that was not supported by the option provided to us. Some additional feedback: It would be a much more efficient service if there was a way to generate a downloadable report rather than just viewing it on the Broken Link Checker website and then having to click on and open each associated URL to find out where the broken link is located on the site.

  • Brianna Sunryd

    Hi there, 

    Wondering if this could ever be included as a report that we can generate from the CP platform, so that the results are more actionable and not behind a pay wall for advanced features? Are there any reports now that sys admins can run of this type or other, such as pages without keywords, last update date of published pages, etc. etc. Those would be super helpful in assisting with the integrity of website and holding departments accountable. Thank you!  


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