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Notify Me APIs

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  • Diana Cleland

    I have already asked this of support - they referred me to upcoming Notify Me enhancements. But I don't think this relates to what I need? 
    Our Notify Me page has about 30 subscription options under various modules. Our Parks department wants a "Sign up" button on their main page. When people click on it, they should be able to subscribe to things that relate to Parks. So we want the Notify Me page (still with all the modules, like calendar, news flash, etc.) but filtered down to the 2 or 3 options that relate to Parks. I can do this with other modules, like Calendar and News Flash, but I can't do it with the Notify Me page.  

  • Jamie Shannon

    Diana, We appreciate your input on this.  We do have an upcoming enhancement for a Notify Me widget that will allow you to place lists on a particular page. This would allow you to place all Parks related lists regardless of module on their page(s).

    We have had a little conversation on a similar request over on EngageXchange

    There is not a way to filter down the Notify Me page for module lists or or link directly them, other than the actual Notify Me module lists themselves, because of the way the lists are created from the categories in your modules.

    If the lists you have are in the Notify Me module, you can create links to those lists and that would allow you to use that link in content or graphic links (buttons).

    Thank you.

  • John Lanza

    Is this article still in effect? I tried to get to the APIs without any luck. 

  • Clara Siegele

    Hi John Lanza you should be able to access the APIs for your organization by adding /api to the end of your website URL. If you are still having issues, please reach out to our Support team


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