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Google Analytics – Department Custom Dimension

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  • Michael Thompson

    I asked this question several times throughout the Google Analytics sessions and we were told each time that we would be able to run reports based on our departments... no one mentioned that they would have to be Department Header Packages. I need to be able to choose any page on our site and run a report for it and of all pages below it in our sitemap. For example, our Public Works division does not have a Department Header Package but I still need to be able to send them a report that lists the number of views for all the pages that live under the main Public Works page.

    Right now, as I understand it, to build such a report in Google Analytics, I would have to manually add each subpage individually. This is not very feasible as the report would need to be constantly updated anytime a new page was created, moved, or removed.

    Does this functionality exist or are there plans to add it like we were told?

  • Erin Mynatt

    Following this as well. Definitely did not anticipate the Department Reporting to be limited to an add on feature such as "Department Headers."  Previously in PIWIK we had to manually build "Department  segments" for Department specific reports - will we be able to do this in Google Analytics if we don't have the Department Headers enabled?  Any additional advice on how to best setup and capture department level reporting would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Kelli Buchenau

    Also wondering the same.  I've asked the question on a separate thread and it hasn't been answered either.  I will begrudgingly rebuild all my segments in Google Analytics, but it's not as straightforward as it was in Piwik.  In GA, I think I'm doing it correctly, but it returns results for pages that aren't even in that department in our site map. 

  • Robert Taylor

    I'll add my name to the list of those who are very frustrated with this and the entire Google Analytics rollout. It is crucial to have the ability to see data for individual departments, not just those with department headers. We should be able to go into Google Analytics and see the Content Drilldown, much like what Michael mentioned with the site map. I have also brought this up several times in the webinars and have gotten the runaround each time. I believe the issue stems from the way Civic Plus builds its sites and they just aren't going to admit that. I've never had this issue with previous employers, only with Civic Plus.

  • Barb Klausler

    Any update on this topic? I agree with Robert, it's really crucial for us to be able to see the data for our different departments.

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Good Afternoon, everyone. I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to these questions and concerns.


    Department Header tracking was found to be the most straightforward to implement and make progress with. We know that reporting on other sections of websites is needed and have been discussing with developers how to go about implementing it for other internal page sections.


    For the time being it is possible to create custom reports to include/exclude any pages or module content you'd like. Please take a look at the article on Creating Custom Reports for Specific Pages article for instruction.


    I will keep a close eye on this post in the coming weeks and months to respond to any other questions or concerns, and/or relay any information and updates.


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