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Create Custom Report for Specific Pages in Universal Analytics

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  • Jason Harwell

    Thanks, Jamie! This is super helpful. I've done a quick trial using the same settings you outline here for our Elections Office pages. Looks like I'm getting some results that aren't specifically in the Regex formula. In my Regex list, I have page /244, but the report is also catching /2441, /2443 and /2444. I'm assuming it's because they include /244. 


    Do you know of a way to force the report to grab the specific number as opposed to having it grab any number that includes the one in the formula? Or, alternately, do you happen to know if there's a semantic way I could note the page in the Regex that would prevent similar pages from being caught (like #244 or 244# or /244/ or something)?

    thanks again for your help on all of the GA stuff. It's really beneficial!

  • Jason Harwell

    As a follow up, it's certainly possible to add a filter and exclude a Regex string as well, and that may be what we have to do. But if there's a less manually-intensive way to do it, I'd love that!

  • Jamie Shannon

    Jason, thank you for the feedback. We did revise this a bit and hope it can be more helpful with the additional information. 


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