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  • Janna Morrissey

    When a product or functionality is about to Sunset, I would expect a more direct method of communication to the users/clients affected by it.  This adversely affected my users ability to do their jobs' in a timely fashion.  Valuable time was wasted to gather the information and disperse to our CivicClerk users.  Are these articles the only way you notify your client base?  Might I suggest a Dashbaord notice or an email to users affected or at least notice to the SysAdmins?  I do not have time to review Product Update articles every week.  Not a good use of my time.

    Thank you.

    Janna Morrissey
    Website Coordinator / Assistant Town Clerk 

  • Rick Anderson

    Wholeheartedly second every word Janna just posted. A change this significant needs to be sent out well in advance. I have several users being caused needless confusion and alarm (one thinking she no longer had edit privileges) because of this. Please do a better job communicating changes in the future. This was not sufficient.

  • Jamie Shannon

    Janna and Rick,

    I want to apologize for the lack of communication on this change. After discussing this with our team, we will communicate changes such as this, that include the removal of functionality using our CivicPlus messages that will appear on your administrative dashboard, as well as posting to the Help Center. 

    A note to everyone, please be sure you are following the Product Update section to ensure you would also receive an email. We know not everyone logs in to the system on a regular basis.

    Thank you. 

  • Tammy Getchell

    I am still confused as to the best way to login to CivicClerk. The login continues to change and I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore, let alone how to direct our staff or selectboard members on where to go. 

  • Kenneth Fuller

    Good Morning, Janna Morrissey!


    Thank you for helping identify this knowledge gap. We have an article on following articles, but not community sections.


    When you're at the Product Updates page, a Follow button can be found in the top left. You can select whether to get updates for new articles, or new articles and comments. 

  • Janna Morrissey

    Jamie Shannon can you provide a link to follow the Product Update section?  A quick gander and I haven't found it yet.

    Thank you!


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